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At Steinhaus Design, we look took to integrate our designs with the utility and style of your living/work space. Our designers look to coordinate and implement a design that fits your changing lifestyle. Our designs are created to impress your friends and and clients.

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We have worked extensively with client in Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and New York City. We have designed reception areas and conference rooms in Avignon, France and San Jose, Costa Rica. Corporate  and will successful business people comprise our client base.

How we work

Setting up a design with Steinhaus is easy. We ask for a retainer that will pay our labor fees that are billed at $125.00 per hour. Large furniture purchases are passed through your accounting department to save you money as there is no upcharge or carry expense. Call us today to set up your design!


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"If you're looking for people with friendly attitudes and a great work ethic, look no further than these designers!"

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"This team is known for great quality projects from start to finish. Their customers have nothing but positive things to say."

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"Look no further than this team for your interior decorating needs! They are skilled, professional, and ready to make you happy."

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